If You’re Dumb, You’ll Work for the Government

Readers frequently accuse us of being idol wreckers; tearing down without building up, criticizing wantonly while offering no constructive advice. They say we are unpatriotic, un-civic-minded, unhelpful, and un-American. They allege that we must be part of some cynical order: The Brotherhood of Let-it-Be… or worse, some dark, satanic cult whose aim is to destroy […]


How to Survive the Current Volatility in Cryptos

Nick’s Note: Volatility has been the buzzword when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Whether you’ve been with us for years or have just come aboard, you know by now that we can see massive swings in this new asset class. Below, world-renowned cryptocurrency expert and PBRG’s very own Teeka Tiwari explains why you should look past the […]


Why the Country Would Have Been Better Off With Bernie

The Dow fluttered yesterday. The Nasdaq, too. Our guess is that the smart money is pulling out first. Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, Bill Gross – many Wall Street giants have already announced that they are turning bearish. The rest of the smart money keeps its mouth shut… and wonders when to sell. Fed to […]


All Aboard the Bankruptcy Express

Over the weekend, we went to visit our new property. The house, which we are renovating, is on the far side of the river. We’re just realizing what a challenge that poses. In order to get over to see it, we have to borrow horses from our neighbor, saddle up, and ride across the river. Or […]

jumping ship cartoon

Why Wall Street’s Seasoned Pros Are Jumping Ship

We’re getting into an agreeable and relaxed routine here at the ranch. We go for a hike up the little hill behind the house in the morning. A trail zig-zags up, with the stations of the cross at each zig. We stop and say a little prayer at each one. We’re not really a religious […]

armed men

Why “National Security” Makes Us Less Secure

TrimTabs, an investment research firm, reports that stock buybacks are running at twice the rate of this time last year. Corporation managements are taking their tax cut money and delivering it to shareholders… and to themselves. Skin in the Game For several years now, corporations have been the biggest source of demand for their own […]

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What Will Blow the Stock Market to Pieces

Investors were cheered up last Friday by the jobs report, which showed that the number of new jobs is about equal to the high set back in 2006 – just before the last crisis. As near as we can make out, it is just noise. Mountebank Market So let us continue with our description of […]

Cracked American Flag

Trade Tariffs Will Not Make America Great Again

by Bill Bonner, editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary   GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – The big news last week was Trump’s hasty decision to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel. We were happy to see it. We were looking for an example – undeniable, indisputable, and in-your-face, jackass – to illustrate how government actually works. “The Donald” has […]


The Best Place to Find Value in Today’s Overvalued Market

by Chris Mayer, editor, Bonner Private Portfolio   Editor’s Note: As Bill often points out, the overall stock market is overvalued. But if you know where to look, there are pockets of value out there. Today, Chris Mayer, one of Bill’s top investing experts, shows you where to find the gems. Hard as it is to […]

Recession Sign

Why the Next Recession Will Be a Doozy

“Stocks Slide After Powell Testimony,” reads a headline at Bloomberg. The Dow dropped 380 points yesterday, leaving February as the worst month in two years. What did the new Fed chief say? Only that he thought the economy was doing so well that the Fed would be able to continue raising rates and reducing its […]