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All Hail the Techs

All hail the techs! The stock market bounced back with a big gain yesterday. The buy-the-dippers gained a couple of points. The future can wait; the big crash is still ahead. Authority of Total Ignorance Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that Facebook is struggling: Facebook Inc. is heading toward its worst month since May 2013 after an […]

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How the Deep State Robbed the Working Stiff

Nothing much to report from Wall Street, Washington, or the ranch… So we continue our look back at what we have learned so far… Most of what we know, of course, is what everyone else knows, too: Stocks are near record highs… with the Dow still trading above 24,000… and the so-called FAANG stocks – […]


Do You Know Your Irish History?

PORTLAW, IRELAND – We spent the weekend exploring our new property, meeting neighbors, and getting to know the country. We had seen our new house. But not the land. So we put on a pair of “wellies” and went to have a look. “There are ruins out there,” Declan, the custodian of our new cottage, […]